Tracking user data

Unflow allows you to track attributes and behaviours of users within your app so that you can better segment and trigger content


A custom attribute is a trait about a user e.g. the day they first signed up to your app. Attributes have a single value for a user, but the value can change over time. The value may also not be set for a particular user yet.

Attributes can have different data types, depending on the value being tracked. Unflow supports the following attribute types:

  • App Version
  • String
  • Date (Coming soon)
  • Number (Coming soon)

The user must be set before tracking an attribute on them. Once registered you can update any number of attributes at once using a single method call.

React Native
React Native

ℹ️ Creating attributes

If an attribute doesn't already exist for the specified key it will be automatically created on the dashboard with the data type set to string


Events are used to track actions taken by users within your app. The same event can be tracked for a single user multiple times, and all occurrences will be recorded so you can see and use information on what your customers do, and how often they do it. For example, you might track an event each time a user visits the checkout.

Again, a user must be set before tracking an attribute on them. A key needs to be provided for event tracking, with the option of passing additional metadata that can be added to each event for context.

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