Push Notifications

Sending a push

Sending a push with Unflow requires that your apps are configured correctly, following the guide at setting-up.

Push notifications are tied to screens, so you'll need to have one setup already with your content.

To send a push, head to the delivery tab for your screen.

A sample screen's delivery tab

If you want to send your push to every single person, feel free to skip this step, but we reccomend targeting your pushes to the right people. To do this, tap edit audience and configure some targeting. This works exactly the same way as when you target your screen normally, and you may already have some rules.

Here, i've selected that successful_delivery has happened more than once.

A sample screen's delivery tab

Next, enable the "Send a push notification when the screen goes live". Don't worry, this won't send until you hit the live button.

The delivery tab with the toggle enabled.

The option to "Keep sending push notifications to people who match in the future" means that we'll perioidicaly check if new people match the rules you've set, and if so, send the push to them too. You can choose to set the time and day that this check occurs. Lets turn this off for now.

The schedule options.

The final step is to decide if you wish to set some custom content, or simply use your banner's setup. If you chose to define your own content, you can change it in the editor.

The content options.

The final step is to set it live, and your push will send based on your settings.

You won't see the same screen twice if delivered automatically, and the same rules apply to push. You'll recieve it once per user at max. If you wish to re-test a push notification, you'll need to set a new user ID and re-register your token - this can only be done in code.