Managing Content

As previously described in the Quickstart, the UnflowProvider encapsulates the state of the SDK within your app. This can then be directly accessed through the UnflowContext in any (nested) child of the provider.

Including Loading States

After initial boot of your app, Unflow will attempt to refresh its content. You may prefer to wait until this has finished before displaying the content. The isReady flag can be used as in the example below for this exact purpose:


Accessing Content Subscriptions

If you wish to have total control over the content provided by Unflow and use it as a mobile CMS it is possible to retreive the content through the context.

Screens within Unflow are stored in containers known as Subscriptions. A subscription can be thought of as a feed. You may have a need for multiple feeds if you want various content Screens to appear in different parts of your app.

Right now there is only a single subscription

The ability to group Screens by subscription within the web dashboard is not yet possible. Only a single subscription called “default” exists.