How do I?

Unflow can do a lot, so we've answered some common use cases below. If you're still looking for answers, we've setup Intercom so you can drop us a message.

Customise an Opener

Customising an opener is as simple as providing a custom view to the Opener on your given platform.

If you want to take full control of the layout, and just be provided with a set of openers, you can do that too. When you do this, you'll also have to take control of interactions, so you'll need to call your own code, or openScreen.

There's a full guide to do that in the openers page.

Separate my content

Sometimes, you want more than just one space for your content to live in, and thats why we built spaces. You can provide a space key to the Opener to limit what it shows, or you can simply request all of your spaces from Unflow.

Spaces can be created in the left hand sidebar of your Unflow dashboard. You can make as many of these as you wish.

There's a full guide to do that in the spaces page.

Open an Unflow screen from my own UI

Simply use the relevant open screen on your platform.

This requires knowing the ID of a screen, which you can find from the dashboard.

try? UnflowSdk.client.openScreen(with: screenId)

Limit who sees content

To limit who sees content, you'll need to make sure you're using segments. These work best with user attributes, or event counts. For example, you might want to only show a loan promotion banner if the user is a high net worth individual. To achieve this, simply set an attribute on the user ( without any private information ) and use this in the segmentation section.

You can learn how to do this over in user attributes and tracking events.

Attributes are sent to Unflow when you next track an event, or next call sync.