Unflow integrates seemlessly into your product by matching your brand style and colors, and allowing for deep customization


Unflow takes care of image sizing out of the box. We cleverly resize images so that always remain within the bounds of the screen. If the appropriate aspect ratio of an image cannot be retained we will center the image and zoom in until it does.

Want to create great images?

We build a handy Image Editor in Figma to help you preview and prepare any assets you want to use in Unflow. This will help make your assets pop right from the off.


Unflow allows for deep customization to match your brand look and feel. You can set brand palettes to match the typography, primary and secondary buttons for your product. Unflow palettes support both light and dark themes so you can customize based on the choice of a light or dark mode. Visit your Design settings from within the Unflow dashboard to customize the color palette for your app. Palettes can be updated at any point in time, and all the underlying screens will respect the new styles