Core Concepts


Screens are the primary way in which Unflow content is delivered within your app. They are full-screen takeovers within your app and should be used to convey a single message or promotion. A new Screen can be created and designed from the Unflow web editor.

The intention is that there will be multiple different Screen types within Unflow. Right now, the only Screen available in Unflow is the Carousel, with a Story following shortly.

Carousel Screen
Carousel Screen

Screens have an associated state. By default, when a Screen is created it is in the Draft state. Screens can be changed in the draft state, the updates and content of which is never shown to users in your app. When a Screen is ready to be included in your app it can be set Live from within your web dashboard. Once a Screen goes live it will appear in your app for users to consume.


Blocks are the most fundamental pieces of the Unflow product. They are editable pieces of content which live inside, and make up most of, a Screen. The initial Block types are Text, Image, Button. Depending on the type of Block various properties can be configured. Some examples include:

  • The alignment of text can be changed
  • Buttons can be configured to request permissions or deep link within the app


Screens are triggered by an Opener. They are intended to act as enticers to Screens, that users can tap to view the full content. Openers can be thought of as a header and byline, just like in you might have in a journalistic article. While their appearance can be customized the supported version that Unflow provides consists of a single full-width horizontally scrolling banner.

Unflow Opener
Unflow Opener

Updated 22 Oct 2021
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