User data

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode

By default, Unflow tracks minimal analytics. These are all documented in the event listener documentation. We also track the time when Unflow is first syncronised during an app run, and the locale of the user according to their device.

Privacy mode disables all the events that Unflow would normaly send, with the exception of screen_viewed which is required for the SDK to function correctly.

If you manually track an event, or set user attributes, they will be sent up to Unflow as normal. Its up to you how much or how litle you send.

All the events we would normally send to the backend are still sent through the event listener.


To enable privacy mode, all you need to do is set the flag to true when you initialise the SDK.

    config: UnflowSDK.Config(
        apiKey: "<YOUR API KEY>",
        enableLogging: true
    analyticsListener: nil,
    enablePrivacyMode: true

Side Effects

As a result of no events being sent to Unflow, there are some side effects you should be aware of.

When you select a rating in the rating block, or select an answer for a question block, they would normally populate a results page on the dashboard. This isn't possible with privacy mode as we don't recieve the data.

We reccomend that you track this data yourself using the event listener.

An example of working around this limitation is that you may wish to listen for a specific rating, set a user attribute for low_rating and then use that to alter content later on.

Another would be simply firing an event for quiz_complete when a screen containing a quiz is dismissed, which you can then use to trigger another screen.