What is Unflow?

Unflow is no-code tool for mobile app marketers to deliver in-app content to users.

Unflow is a powerful, dynamic and engaging tool for mobile app teams to deliver content and gather feedback from users. Our open-source framework provides a backend to make publishing content on-the-fly not just possible, but collaborative.

Whether you are building a new app or already have millions of customers, you can use Unflow to:

  • Deliver marketing material on the fly without engineer input or app store approval
  • Segment users based on device attributes and location data
  • Run A/B tests on variations of your marketing content
  • Send push notifications to alert users of new content
  • Integrate with Segment to track user behaviour

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Getting started resources

With Unflow, you can publish content to your app — without needing to wait for an engineer or app store approval. With a one time integration, we give you all the power you need to increase engagement and retention within your app.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Ready to start building?

Simplified in-app experiences are just a few lines of code away

Not a developer?

Unflow only requires a developer to integrate once and everything else (from content delivery to A/B analysis) are designed to be done by marketers, designers, product managers and content writers at forward-thinking app businesses. Talk to our engineering team about integrating with Unflow if you need help getting setup.

Updated 30 May 2022
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